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Vietnam’s industrial production index increased by 9.4%, attracting foreign investment to increase by 69.1% in the past 5 months 2019..... 

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  • Specialize in
    Specialize in

    Large corporate transaction related compliance TPD.

    Global trade tax incentives for large corporate GTP.

    International bulk trade Shipping Self employment immigration.

  • Featured Services
    Featured Services

    Self service accounting Self service account opening Order online.

    Electronic signature electronic annual report tax compliance.

    VIP customized services.

  • ASEAN prior
    ASEAN prior

    Based in Singapore, assist clients in exploring the ASEAN market.

    Services Include:

    Strategic framework setting, administrative execution, fiscal and taxation planning.

  • Singapore company incorp S$699 up

    Services Include:

    Government fees.

    Secretary and address usage fee.

  • Bookkeeping Annual S$399

    Services Include:

    Annual bookkeeping.


  • Transfer in Service S$499

    Services Include:

    Government fees.

    Secretary and address usage fee.

  • Secretarial Serviee Annual S$259

    Services Include:

    Government fees.

    Annual registered legal secretary.

The earliest Singapore local entity secretarial agency that entered the
Chinese market with a branch in Shenzhen, China.

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More than 21 years of experience in providing full services to Singapore companies
which invested by listed, large state-owned and private enterprises oversea.
It has established a good cooperative relationship with the bank and has been awarded
honorary certificates by UOB and OCBC for more than ten consecutive years
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