Corporate Value

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Vision: Foreign SMEs succeed in Singapore

Mission: Provide a one-stop Singapore business solution

Values: Effectiveness , Reliability Integrity

Philosophy: Our clients’interests and confidentiality always come first.


ERI Brand:

Blue represents ERI, red represents customers; 

ERI is always with customers.

Arrows symbolize direction, guidance and navigation,

ERI is the navigation mark for SMEs, developing and operating navigation for SMEs in Singapore!

"S" shape symbolizes “Singapore”

Originated from and based in Singapore, ERI is servicing for Singapore SMEs.


ERI stands for: Effectiveness - Reliability - Integrity

Lasting Ethics, Reliable Promises! ERI people uphold: High Ethics and Professional Standards.

Solid foundation! Client-oriented! ERI stands fast: Our clients’ interests and confidentiality always come first!

Dreams make humankind great! Having dreams, striving for dreams, and achieving dreams! 

Having dreams, ERI never ceases to explore more! ERI keeps seeking for best solutions!

Having dreams, ERI keeps innovating and creating values for clients!

ERI has a dream: Let ERI become a partner of customers!Growing together with more SMEs in Singapore!


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