Company Change

What is Singapore company change?

In the company's operations, it is inevitable that the company's structure, equity, and business scope will be adjusted. This is the stock market change. The change is usually prepared by the company secretary (Director Resolution ). After being signed by the directors or shareholders, the secretary with secretary license RFA will submit the change to the registration authority ACRA and record it in the company secretarial register.


The main changes are:

1. General change of Singapore company:

Registered address, bank address, shareholder and director information (address and IC number), business activities, company name, etc;

2. Change of directors or shareholders:

Addition or resignation of directors/secretaries, changes in shareholders (including redistribution of shares);

3. Singapore company capital change:

Capital reduction-reduction of issued capital and paid-in capital;

Capital increase-increase issued capital and paid-in capital;


All documents must be in the format specified by ACRA, and changes must be compliant.

ERI is the rigestered filing agent RFA of ACRA to ensure that your company is compliant with changes.

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