Corporate Governance & Compliance

Corporate-Governance-2.jpgCorporate governance and internal controls are the key challenges faced by Senior Management and the Board of Directors. They have the responsibility to ensure that systems of internal controls are sufficiently robust. We can help clients address these challenges

Our services include:

• Governance advisory

• Outsourced/Co-sourced internal audit function

• Internal controls review

• Policies and processes development

- Review of policies and processes (identifying control gaps, inefficiencies, etc.)

- Policy modeling and alignment

- Documentation of policies and processes

•  Develop policy and process management framework

- Formalize and develop framework and structure for reviewing policies and processes

- Governance structure for the policy/process management program

- Performance monitoring mechanism to trigger future review

•  Policy and Process Management Quality Performance Review

- Identification of key gaps and areas of improvements in existing policies and processes

- Benchmarked existing practices to leading practices within similar industry/operations

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