Custom Account Application

Introduction to Customs Account Activation

Declaring entities such as importers, exporters, shipping agents, air cargo agents, freight forwarders, common carriers, individuals carrying on business under their full name and other persons who intend to:

1. Engage in import and/or export activities in Singapore; or

2. Appoint a Declaring Agent to apply for customs import, export and transhipment permits or certificates through TradeNet,

will need to:

1. Register with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) or the relevant Unique Entity Number (UEN) Issuance Agency to obtain a UEN; and

2. Activate their Customs Account

activation-of-customs-account-500x400.jpgApplying for Customs Merits

After activating your Customs Account, you may appoint a Declaring Agent to apply for customs permits via TradeNet on your behalf.

To apply for your own customs permits or on behalf of your clients, you have to register as a Declaring Agent and apply for a TradeNet user ID.

Applying for Inter-Bank GIRO

You are required to maintain an Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) with Singapore Customs to make payment of duties, taxes, fees, penalties and other charges on services offered by Singapore from your bank account to Singapore Customs directly.

Security Lodgement

You, or your appointed Declaring Agent, are required to furnish security for various scenarios including:

1. Transactions involving dutiable goods

2. Temporary import of goods for approved purposes

3. Operation of licensed premises such as licensed warehouses and excise factories

4. Compliance with regulatory requirements

5. Revenue protection purposes

Singapore Customs may also vary the security lodgement amount on a case-by-case assessment.

Authorising your Declaring Agent

If you are the Key Personnel (for example, the owner, partner or director, based on ACRA’s records) or the Authorised Personnel of the entity, you may authorise your Declaring Agent to use your:

1. Inter-Bank GIRO for the payment of duties and GST for your customs permits; and, 

2. Security for your permit applications

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