Malaysia companies registration

Basic conditions of registered company
1. As long as legal citizens have reached the age of 18, they may apply for the establishment of a Malaysian private limited liability company. 
2. Number of shareholders: at least 2 shareholders, up to 50 shareholders. 
3. Number of directors: at least 2, foreign natural persons are allowed to serve as directors, but two of them must be Malaysian citizens or residents, and legal directors are not allowed. 
4. The paid-up capital is the capital actually invested in the enterprise, (Paid up Capital):, at least 2 RM (equivalent to RMB 4). 
5. Legal capital (Authorized Capital): 100000 ringgit (capital does not need to be in place). 
6. Company Secretary (Certified Company Secretary): must be qualified as a company secretary in Malaysia and live in Malaysia. 
7. The company name must end with "Sendirian Berhad", abbreviation "Sdn Bhd" or "S / B" 

Registration process: 
1. Fill in the registration application form. 
2. Submit the name of the pre-registered company to the Malaysian Bureau of Accounting and Business Control for approval; the approval time is usually 1 working day. 
3. The name of the pre-registered company is approved and the relevant signature documents shall be drafted according to that name. 
4. Submit the signature document to the Malaysian Bureau of Accounting and Business Control and pay the registration fee pending approval. Approval time is usually 2 to 5 working days. 
5. The Malaysian Bureau of Accounting and Business Control formally approved the establishment of the company. 

Documents required to register a company: 
1. Company name: drawing up the English name of Malaysian company registration; 
2. Registered address: a Malaysian company shall maintain a registered office in Malaysia as the preservation of all documents in accordance with the provisions of this Law. 
3. Scope of business: Malaysian companies can choose up to 3 business items. 
4. Registered capital: the minimum registered capital of a Malaysian company is 1 ringgit, and there is no upper limit. Malaysian companies for the payment of registered capital is sure to arrive at the account (special license provisions of registered capital), to achieve a certain amount of capital to impose a certain administrative fee. 
5. Financial year: Malaysian companies may choose any period of financial year, but usually at the end of the year or the end of half a year, that is, 31 December or 30 June. Malaysian companies cannot exceed 18 months in their first fiscal year. 
6. A copy of the list of shareholders and the passport and ID card of the shareholders; if the number of shareholders exceeds 1, the proportion of shares allocated shall be provided. 
7.the list of directors and the photocopies of the passports and identity cards of the directors; 
8. Legal Secretary of the Company: a Malaysian company must appoint a commercial secretary


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