Anguilla Incorporation

恒信泰富安圭拉公司注册.png1. Introduction to Anguilla

Anguilla is a British overseas territory and is the northernmost island in the Leeward chain, located just a short distance from Puerto Rica. As a former British Colony English is widely spoken and the legal system is based on English Law.

Anguilla has few natural resources and the economy depends heavily on tourism and offshore banking and corporate services. Anguillan officials have put substantial effort into developing the offshore financial sector which has grown consistently.

2. Advantages of Anguilla Incorporation

a. Anguilla offers an excellent degree of political stability

b. The legal system in Anguilla is common law based on English Law

c. Zero taxation on corporations or individuals, residing on the island or not. Includes capital gains, profit and income tax. 

d. This makes Anguilla an attractive jurisdiction in which to base financial services and assets.

e. No requirement for submission of Annual Returns or Financial Statements.

f. Highly professional and experienced professionals (Lawyers, Accountants, Corporate Service providers) in order to provide support.

3. Documents required for Anguilla Incorporation

a. Photocopy of passport or NRIC of directors/shareholders/the ultimate beneficiary

b. Proof of residential address of directors/shareholders/the ultimate beneficiaries

c. Registration Certificate and Constitution of Company

d. Statutory Book of Directors and Shareholders


4. Anguilla incorporation procedures and timeline 

(7 working days upon receiving documents, 48 hours for express service)

a. Anguilla company name search (2 working days, only available for English names, Chinese names are required to submit for approval)          

b. Sign service agreement →Proceed to Payment

d. Incorporation documents submission → Signing→Document submission


5. Certification upon successful incorporation

1. Certificate of Incorporation

2. Memorandum & Articles of Association

3. Subscriber’s Appointment First Director

4. First Board Minutes / Consent To Act As Director

5. Registered Share Certificate

6. Register Of Members / Register Of Directors

7. Certificate Of Incumbency

8. Share Transfer And Resolution / Company Seal

6. Annual Return of Anguilla Company

Every exempted  company is  required  to  file  an  annual  return  and  annual  Company  Registry  fees  with  the Registrar in January of each  year. This will be dealt  with by the  registered office provider. The annual return contains a declaration setting out:

a. details of changes, if any, to the company's memorandum of association since the last return;

b. that the operations of the company since the last annual return have been mainly outside Anguilla

c. that in compliance with the  Companies  Law,  the  company  is  not  trading  within  the Anguilla except in furtherance of its offshore business; 

d. that any bearer shares issued are kept by a licensed custodian.

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