UK Incorporation


1. Introduction to U.K.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, simply called the United Kingdom or UK, is a sovereign state in Northern Europe. It is a constitutional monarchy that is made up of four separate countries. It is a member of the European Union, United Nations, the Commonwealth, NATO and the G8. It has the fifth largest economy in the world.

Around 65.5 million people live in the UK. They can be divided into four big nationalities based on the countries where they live. These countries, and the names of the people and language spoken there, are as follows:

2. Advantages of U.K. Incorporation

a. Following Brexit, Corporation Tax will drop to 17%

b. Exempts dividends received from subsidiaries in many countries from corporation tax

c. Does not charge capital gains tax on the disposal of trading subsidiaries

d. Does not levy withholding tax on distributions from the holding company to its parent or shareholder

e. Has no capital gains tax on profits arising from the sale of shares in the holding company by non-resident shareholders

f. Offers extensive reliefs for early stage businesses, expenditure on qualifying research and development

g. Option of a remittance basis of taxation for non-UK domiciled individuals who come to the UK, for example as holding company directors

h. Capital Gains Tax will be cut from 28% to 20% for higher rate taxpayers, and from 18% to 10% for those on the basic rate

i. Entrepreneurs’ Relief will be extended to long-term investors in unlisted companies, who will be able to access a 10% rate of capital gains tax on newly issued shares in unlisted

j. companies purchased on or after 17 March 2016, provided they are held for a minimum of three years from 6 April 2016

3. Documents required for U.K. Incorporation

a. Photocopy of passport or NRIC of directors/shareholders/the ultimate beneficiary

b. Proof of residential address of directors/shareholders/the ultimate beneficiaries

c. Registration Certificate and Constitution of Company

d. Statutory Book of Directors and Shareholders


4. U.K. incorporation procedures and timeline 

(6-10 working days upon receiving documents, 48 hours for express service)

a. Anguilla company name search (1 working days or 24 hours)          

b. Sign service agreement →Proceed to Payment

d. Incorporation documents submission → Signing→Document submission


5. Certification upon successful incorporation

1. Certificate of Incorporation

2. Memorandum & Articles of Association

3. Subscriber’s Appointment First Director

4. First Board Minutes / Consent To Act As Director

5. Registered Share Certificate

6. Register Of Members / Register Of Directors

7. Certificate Of Incumbency

8. Share Transfer And Resolution / Company Seal

6. Annual Return of U.K. Company

Every exempted  company is  required  to  file  an  annual  return  and  annual  Company  Registry  fees  with  the Registrar in January of each  year. This will be dealt  with by the  registered office provider. The annual return contains a declaration setting out:

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