Hong Kong Company Incorporation

Hong Kong is one of the four major offshore financial centers. As a key international financial center, Hong Kong enjoys the advantages of an excellent legal system, simple taxation system, low tax rate, well established infrastructure and communication facilities, and high-quality professional talents, which make them favored by investors from all over the world. Hong Kong contains infinite business opportunities and serves as the platform towards global economy and trading. The advantages of Hong Kong are well known to all, and tens of thousands of international enterprises benefit from establishing companies in Hong Kong.

Advantages in registering Hong Kong company:    恒信泰富香港公司注册.jpg              

1. Hong Kong possesses an excellent legal system

2. It is easy to obtain international credit by making use of the popularity of Hong Kong

3. Hong Kong owns diversified fund-raising channels being an international financial center

4. Hong Kong has no restrictions on foreign exchange and allows for free capital movement. 

5. Different foreign currencies can be exchanged at any time, and obtaining credit is convenient and quick 

6. The business scope is unlimited, and the subsequent company management is simple

7. Hong Kong possesses simple taxation system and low tax rate 

(only profits tax is involved and the tax rate is 16.5% of profits)

8. Tax filing is required only once every year

Requirements for registering Hong Kong companies

1. Requirement on company names: Chinese-English name/English name

2. One director

3. One shareholder (shareholder can come from any country; one individual can serve as both the director and shareholder)

4. One company secretary (provided by our company)

5. Registered address (provided by our company)

6. The minimum company registered capital is 1.00 HKD (issue price of each share starts from 1.00 HKD)

    恒信泰富注册香港公司的优势.jpgProcedure for registering Hong Kong company                                                                                                     

    1. Search the company name (submit the name, and the inquiry takes 3-5mins)

    2. Submit “engagement letter” (submit engagement letter already filled in)

    3. Sign service agreement letter

    4. Deliver and handle funds

    5. Sign legal documents (arrange all the shareholders and directors to sign the whole set of documents)

    6. Submit to the government for audit

    7. Finish establishing the company and mail the materials to clients


    Annual regulatory filing of Hong Kong companies:

    Hong Kong companies are required to do annual filing each year to ensure compliance

    1. Submit annual company declaration form

    2. Renew the business registration certificate


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