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Brief.jpgBy setting up a Singapore company and you can apply the Employment Pass(EP), your family members can apply the Depandent Pass(DP). You and your family member can immigrat to Singapore.It's a good idea doing business in Singapore and immigrat to Singapore. 

action.jpgThe first step: to do business in Singapore, the whole family moved to Singapore5dbc3f38b5a55.jpg

1. Establishing a Singapore company Time: within 1 week

The prerequisite for doing business in Singapore is to set up a Singapore company. Usually a private limited company is appropriate.

If you have a Singapore citizen or permanent resident partner (shareholder or director), you can do it yourself. Using their SingPass apply through ACRA system. If not, you need to engage an ACRA-Licenced Registered Filing Agent-RFA submits your application.

2.Apply Employment Pass. It will take about 3-4 weeks

EP is the Singapore government's policy of attracting investment to encourage entrepreneurs to come to Singapore to do business, giving entrepreneurs or executives or professionals the corresponding work permit.


  • Have acceptable qualifications, usually a good university degree, professional qualifications or specialised skills.

  • Work in a managerial, executive or specialised job.

  • a minimum salary of $4,500 and acceptable qualifications. 

Employment Pass holder can apply DP or a Long-Term Social Visit Visa for the family members  .

Note: Apply DP for you family member, your minimum salary of $6,000/month is required.

If you want to apply for a long-term social visit visa for your parents (or parents-in- law), your salary is at least S$12,000/month or above. Successfully apply EP and DP, your whole family can move to Singapore.Children can study at the Singapore Government School.


Step 2: Apply for Singapore permanent resident PR 

The Employment Pass is valid for a period of 1-2 years and can be renewed. You can apply for Singapore Permanent Resident (Singapore PR) one year after you get the Employment Pass. Applications need to submit pay slips and tax bills. The period for applying for Singapore permanent residents is  3-6 months displayed on the ICA website . The application time will increased case by case. Successfully applied to PR, the immigration has succeeded!

                                 Step 3: Apply to become a Singapore citizen, Singapore Citizen

                                                  If you are interested, you can apply for Singapore Citizenship SC after 2 years of permanent resident PR. 


Our Service                                                                                                                   

1. Helping you set up a Singapore company and provide short-term Singapore resident directors for 3 months

2. Helping you apply for a Singapore Employment Pass

3. Provide office and service for the application for a permit for 3 months

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