SingPass & Corp Pass Application

What is SingPass?
SingPass is an electronic account used for individual to log onto Singapore government websites for all government related transactions or e-filing.Singpass.png 

What is CorpPass?
Singapore Corporate Access (or CorpPass) is a one-stop authentication and authorization service, for corporate users to transact with Government agencies online on behalf of their organizations.

CorpPass will be required for all local entities with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) and for foreign entities who wish to access Government-to-Business (G2B) digital services in Singapore. Individuals and local entities without an UEN will continue using their SingPass to transact with the Government.

You can continue to use your SingPass to perform G2B transactions on behalf of your entity until the progressive roll-out of CorpPass completes in December 2017. From December 2017, CorpPass will be the required login method for G2B online transactions. IRAS’ digital services will be made available from mid-2018.

Who can apply for SingPass?
Singapore citizens, permanent residents and work pass holder (Employment Pass & Entry Pass) can apply for a SingPass.


How to apply for SingPass?
Log onto the official website to apply online. Your SingPass password will be sent to you by post within four weeks. You can also go to a SingPass counter and apply.

How to apply for CorpPass?

To obtain a CorpPass, businesses would need to enlist the services of a Registered Officer (RO) who has a SingPass account to get the registration done. The CorpPass Administrator and user would also need to be a SingPass account holder. The CorpPass Administrator will be nominated by the RO.

We’ll assist you to apply if you are in need of SingPass/CorpPass Registration.

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