Southeast Asia investment starts from "New"

With the development of the “Belt and Road”, the Maritime Silk Road has brought unprecedented opportunities and opportunities to Southeast Asian countries. More international capital will focus on Southeast Asia. The Sino-US trade war has given Southeast Asia the opportunity to become the world's factory. More and more Chinese manufacturing is relocating to Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines and other countries. Processing industry parks in Vietnam have sprung up. Countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar are not far behind, and continue to adjust their policies to increase infrastructure investment and speed up infrastructure construction. I hope that we can get a share of international investment as soon as possible.

     [Starting from New]

       In the past, many companies invested in Southeast Asia, most of which were direct investments, that is, direct investments from Southeast Asia (such as China or other countries). In a broad sense, there are advantages and disadvantages. In consideration of factors such as politics, taxation, finance, and convenience of financing, many companies are now turning back and starting from the "new starting point" --- starting from Singapore! That is, foreign companies first set up Singapore investment companies, and then invested in Southeast Asian countries. Singapore has become a regional investment platform and treasury center in Southeast Asia.

     [Advantages of "new"]

      As we all know, Singapore's political and economic status has always been very important in Southeast Asia. Other important advantages include:
1. Advantages of Singapore-Southeast Asia Regional Treasury Center
The corporate treasury center plays the role of "internal bank" of multinational enterprises, and is an important capital pool for multinational enterprises. main function:
• Lending of internal funds
• Assist the group to raise funds
• Financial or treasury risk management
2. Singapore's financial connectivity advantages
• Asia-Pacific's largest foreign exchange and offshore RMB settlement center
• Mature bond and capital markets
• Manages more than 60% of infrastructure project financing in Southeast Asia
3. Advantages of the Simplest Tax System in the World
• Corporate income tax rate as low as 17%
• Extensive tax agreement network to prevent double taxation
• Unilateral tax credits for countries that do not have a tax treaty with Singapore
4. Singapore government policy advantages
• Group companies (including holding companies and subsidiaries) can also obtain audit exemptions if they meet the "small group" criteria
• Facilitate grant / incentive applications for headquarters, internationalization and expansion activities, such as international headquarters programs, mergers and acquisitions programs, market preparation grants, etc.


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