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Why Choose/Buy a SG Domain Name? Improve business identity, increase business trustworthy

The domain name, a Singapore country code top level domain (ccTLD), is now extremely popular among registered Singapore businesses as it shows the identity of Singapore, a land of great business opportunities and wealth. Up to 170,000 + + .SG Domains have been registered as updated from SGNIC registry.

Moreover, a domain increases customer trust because only legally registered businesses in Singapore or Singaporeans can register. With such a domain, no matter if it is for your blog, e-Store or a normal website, it will help RANK HIGHER in local search results when someone searches for your business in GOOGLE.COM.SG. Read here for detail information.

2. Your brand name are not available for .COM domain? SG Domain has it!

It is difficult to get a com domain that match your brand nowadays as .COM Domains are saturated. However, there are still a lot of good and catchy names / keywords available for SG domains which you can’t get for general TLDs like .COM and .NET. Don’t wait anymore! Let’s check the availability of your preferred domain now! Register/buy your SG domain name NOW to protect your privilege!

Secure your business name from your competitor!

Your business name and customers will be stolen! If they go for your competitors instead of you, you will lose the business forever! In today’s brand conscious world, your brand is of paramount importance! Your Domain name signifies your BRAND and makes people remember your company and make recurring purchases. Secure your domain TODAY to secure your BRAND and CUSTOMERS. SG Domains tell your customers that you are from Singapore, a land of stability and ample business opportunities! In addition, your domain increases your company’s credibility and strengthens your corporate identity.

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