Barcode Application

Barcode (1).jpgBar Code Application

 A ‘barcode picture’ is a machine readable image consisting of vertical black bars and spaces of variable widths. When scanned by a bar code scanner, the black bars and spaces are decoded to reveal a specific 12 or 13 digit long sequence of numbers (the ‘barcode number’).

Singapore Registered User - Full Membership

In order for products to be sold in supermarkets and departmental stores through the point-of-sales (POS) scanners, all products must carry EAN/UPC barcode numbers. A  barcode symbol needs to be printed onto the product labels before these can be accepted by the retail outlets. The same applies to all products made or packed locally in Singapore. Companies that wish to put barcodes onto their products would be required to apply as a registered user of Singapore membership

Fee Structure

The application fee to join as Singapore Registered User is S$750.00 + 7% GST. The annual subscription fee is based on the company's issued capital. All companies applying for Singapore Registered User must complete the GIRO application form for Singapore annual subscription fees. A copy of the interbank GIRO application form can be downloaded



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