Singapore company operation training

T05 Singapore company operation basic training

A. Service scope and content

T05 Singapore company operation basic training,Course length: 30 minutes X2 

1. Points to note after registering a Singapore company

2. The scope and necessity of the statutory secretary of Singapore***

3. The annual government report required by the Singapore company

4. Singapore Bank Account Opening and Fund Dispatch Specifications***

5. Singapore Field Operations: Recruitment, Office Leasing, Visa Permit and Permanent Residence Application

6. E-government account application: CorpPass/Uen/EP Online, etc.

7. Introduction to accounting, taxation and auditing matters

8. Company fundamental changes and directors' resolutions***

9. Singapore company annual report system

B.  Our service fee and terms

Course fee is SGD 160/Pax; Please make full payment SGD160/PAX


T06 Singapore Company Operations Advanced Training

A. Service scope and content
T06 Singapore Company Operations Advanced Training,Course length: 30 minutes X3 

1. Introduction to the Singapore Corporate Tax Law
2. Singapore Bank and offshore account use
3. Anti-terrorism anti-money laundering regulations, bank account trading rules ***
4. Statutory duties, appointments and changes of shareholders, directors, secretaries and auditors
5. Frequency, convening and agenda requirements of the resolutions of the directors and the general meeting of shareholders
6. Registered capital, increase or decrease capital, dividends
7. Preparation of the report of the board of directors in the financial year and director's responsibility***
8. Application time limit and reporting requirements
9.Singapore Chief Financial Officer ***
10. Singapore company field operations and offshore operations

B.  Our service fee and terms
1. Course fee is SGD 360/Pax; Please make full payment SGD360/PAX



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