Singapore Corporate Accounting Tax Training

T03 Singapore Corporate Tax Basic  Training

Section1: Corporate Income Tax and Personal Income Tax

main content:

1. Introduction to the basic principles of corporate income tax in Singapore

2. Income and definition of tax resident, foreign or Singapore***

3. The principle of deductible expenses, identifying “asset class” and “income class” fees, and allowable deductions

4. How to prepare a tax adjustment form

5. Fill in the Form C or Form C-S declaration form, how to do the declaration

6. Basic principles and calculation methods for Singapore corporate and personal income tax***

7. Introduction of corporate and individual taxation scope

8. Singapore Stamp Tax GST Introduction

Section 2: Consumption Tax GST

main content:

1. Introduce the basic provisions of the Singapore Consumption Tax GST

2. How to register as a GST taxpayer

3. GST taxation scope

4. Account processing of input tax and output tax ***

5. Fill in the declaration form and the reporting obligation

Section III: Withholding Tax

main content:

1. Introduce the basic principles of Singapore withholding tax

2. Scope of taxation for enterprises and individuals

3. Definition of tax residents and non-tax residents***

4. Declaration obligations and requirements

Course fee is SGD 240/Pax; Please make full payment SGD240/PAX


T04 Singapore Corporate Tax Advanced Training

A. Service scope and content
T04 Singapore Corporate Tax Advanced Training,  Course length: 30 minutes X3

1. Interpretation of Singapore's tax law
2. Major industry tax incentives and reduction policies
3. Corporate tax practice issues (tax planning)
4. Related party transactions: related party reporting and transfer pricing***
5. Global Trader GTP Program
6. Global Trader GTP Program and International Headquarters HQ Program
7. Singapore tax resident application
8. Return investment in multinational investment tax ***
9. Comprehensive case sharing

B.  Our service fee and terms
Course fee is SGD 240/Pax; Please make full payment SGD240/PAX


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