Regular Corporate Consulting

Regular Singapore Corporate Consulting

This section is packed with resources and practical insights covering topics from our wide range of Singapore business services, including Singapore regulatory compliance requirements to help your company remain in compliance with authorities, such as ACRA and IRAS, as well as avoid unnecessary penalties or losses.

How to comply with ACRA and IRAS                        Annual Fee:SGD 7,000/YEAR(4 times Installment )

Regulatory Compliance in Singapore

Compliance duties of a Singapore company

Staying compliant with ACRA 

Staying compliant with IRAS

Singapore Business License and Permits

What you need to know about the Singapore Companies Act

Singapore Companies Act (2006)

Singapore Companies Act (2012 Proposed Amendments)

Singapore Financial Reporting Standards

Business Services / Corporate Secretarial Services                 Annual Fee:SGD 11,600/YEAR(4 times Installment )

Regulatory Compliance in Singapore

Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services

Singapore Company Strike-Off / De-registration

Singapore Virtual Office services

Trademarks, Copyrights and Patent Registration

Singapore Customs Registration

Trademark Registration Service

Director’s Report / Unaudited Report

Auditor’s Report

Understanding Annual Returns

Annual General Meetings

ROC Singapore

Singapore Registered Office


Central Provident Fund (CPF)

Nominee Resident Director

Shareholders & Directors

Singapore Registered Office

Singapore Business License

Skills Development Levy (SDL)

Singapore Accounting Services                        Annual Fee:SGD 7,000/YEAR(4 timesInstallment )

Outsourced Accounting Services

Singapore Bookkeeping Services

Drafting of Financial Statements in Singapore

XBRL Filing and Submission

Simplified Filing via Form C-S

Singapore Director’s Audited and Unaudited Report

Singapore Estimated Chargeable Income


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